Gay Childhood Flashback

Calling Dave Hambidge, Dave Hambidge to the front office , we think he’s one of yours.


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6 responses to “Gay Childhood Flashback

  1. Susi Spice

    noo way LOL not real come on! lol

  2. I actually typed a long response to this post and Lonns bluiddy spamometer shat me out! So, as I have already said;

    Assuming that this is not a setup “comedy sketch”, and it looks real enough to me, then this man has demonstrated the sort of cathartic abreaction that many “talking therapists” would dearly like to help their clients to produce. I helped a few by such over the years, most folk hold out to the bitter end and won’t let go!

    Odds on he ditches his wife and kids and becomes an overt, overthetop homosexual now he’s got that off his chest?

  3. The Celtic Queen

    I agree, I think he’s exactly that Dave. He acts like an over the top Homo. His mother did absolutely nothing to change him and I’m sure this guy goes what ever way the wind blows. They are a WEIRD lot.
    Loon this was a good post . I just read Don Mills blog on germs and all the allergy sufferers are coming out of the woodwork lol.
    Tonight I’m feeding a mouse. Tillie made me aware we have another one so I’ve been very carefully setting traps all night and watching it feast on bacon, chicken and cheese. It tippytoes over the traps and is having a ball. Oh those germs lol.but hey, look at the fun it’s having.

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