Hey, Aren’t You Dead?

Oh shit, are you sure?

You know what I hate? When police force you to drink chili-tainted water then set off fireworks over your head to make you confess to a murder, then 10 years later the victim turns up alive and well. I really friggin hate that! Zhao Zuohai spent 10 years in jail for the alleged murder of his neighbor Zhao Zhenshang. However, the headless, decomposed body obviously wasn’t his because Zhenshang recently returned to his village seeking welfare support. Awkward.During Zuohai’s stay in prison, his wife remarried and several of his children were adopted. Ouch! Anywho, authorities are really peeved and have now ordered an investigation into the case with the original judges set to be punished big time! Look out!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Wrong, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never, Whoops!

2 responses to “Hey, Aren’t You Dead?

  1. The Celtic Queen

    I can’t imagine doing time for something I didn’t commit , especially when the dude turns up at Centrelink.

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