Bali Nine Prisoner Gets Circumcised

Scott Rush, one of the Bali Nine on death row for trafficking heroin, has been circumcised in the Kerobokan jail . The jail’s doctor and officials were unaware that such a procedure had taken place and by someone who wasn’t authorized. Ewh ouch, no anesthetic! The jail’s doc Agung Hartawan said luckily it was a good job and didn’t bleed much (hmm, maybe the roaches licked it clean!) . It is still unclear what the true motives of the circumcision  but Rush did tell the doctor “This is my right and I just want to know about Islam, I want to learn about Islam.”


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4 responses to “Bali Nine Prisoner Gets Circumcised

  1. I remember a lad who did (at least got well into) his own appendix removal in bed at home without any anaethetic. His neighbour heard some screaming and I eventually had the lad in the nuthouse for quite a while, stark raving bonkers!

  2. Steven Carter

    hope he enjoys the helmut for the sake of Islam

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