Topless Fire fighter Draws a Crowd

I think you've seen enough!

When Tash Bennett saw a nearby palm tree catch fire while she was sunbathing, she did what any hero would do. She rand off to raise the alarm and then raced back to fight the fire which was threatening the Alatai Apartments in Darwin. It was only after she put out  the blaze with the fire hose did she realize she was still topless from sunbathing. A witness said “At one stage she had quite an audience, just having a laugh.”


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9 responses to “Topless Fire fighter Draws a Crowd

  1. Is a rand an auz euphemism for a partial streak?

  2. I hope she takes a little more time to get ready when they give her a medal for this.

  3. Laughing?!?! They should have given her a standing ovation and started a campaign to hire more like her! 😛

  4. Did she have a liquid on board to help put out the fire?

  5. Susi Spice

    they were laughing? interesting how they werent woof-whistling… lol i wonder at what they were laughing..

  6. Griffin

    And no one was offended!

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