Make That Bitch Itch

You know, just when you thought you’d seen everything, some dude sets up a website selling pubic lice for the purpose of revenge “Make that bitch itch.” OMG. Yes, Crab Revenge is a British website selling these evil little parasites for the sole intend of seeking revenge on anyone who has ever pissed you off. Ohh and you have a series of choices, you can purchase the green package which contains one colony with up to 30 eggs, the blue package which is the same except you receive three vials (economy pack) or the red package which is the nastiest of all. The red package contains…wait for it…”shampoo resistant F strain crabs,” which bite like bitches, take two weeks to go away and itch like there ain’t no tomorrow!  Hmm, don’t believe me huh? Check it out crabsrevenge. com.

Psst Here is hoping this is a joke !!!


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7 responses to “Make That Bitch Itch

  1. I hope that is illegal, I seriously do. It’s like biological warfare! Something happened a few years ago in America where one political aide had the flu and purposely infected a pencil…or something… and got the rival pol to handle it. If memory serves he was charged with a crime.

    • The Celtic Queen

      Oops lol See you have to have hand sanitizors with you at all times. Scott you should have filled Don in on this one.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    See it is best to have no pubes. Nasty old things they are too. My daughter’s friends all have them removed, they reckon only old farts let the stragglers grow below.

  3. My guess is McDonalds will find a way to super-size the little bastards and sell em as crab salad.

  4. queezy

    thats sweet i cant remember how many times i wanted revenge on ex girfreinds who did the nasty on me

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