Practice Makes Perfect

Two Romanian medical students, Carmen Bejan and Sergiu Raul Florea, have both been thrown into prison for 16 years for killing a man and then dissecting him with surgical instruments. Ewh! Evidently Bejan lured the man onto campus, had sex with him for money and then stabbed him over 50 times before dissecting him with the help of her boyfriend. They were eventually caught when they were seen loading pieces of the body into their car. Then it became a “he did it, she did it” blame game.


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2 responses to “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Gross, they both deserve to go to jail.
    Last night Loon on SBS there was a show on about a crocodile that had died . They dissected it and found out it died of respiratory problems. They took out it’s stomach and it had like green cheesy contents and a toy car wheel lol. Crocs have their own little fat supply like a big piece of meat and draw on that in times of need. Well, that was almost depleted which led them to believe he’s been sick for some time and obviously hadn’t eaten. I’m not one to watch even humans being operated on but it was so interesting. Did you see it?

  2. Lynn

    good lord loon….

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