Now If You Were Real Pirates!

Trust the Russians to know how to deal with those friggin pesky Somali pirates. Just take away all their weapons and navigation equipment and set them adrift  in their boat … 550km from shore. The 10 pirates who were captured last week, after they tried to seize a Russian oil tanker, are now presumed dead after they failed to make it back ashore. Originally it was thought the Russians would bring them back to dry land so they could face charges, but nah, this seemed like a better option.

Psst Rumor has it they weren’t really set adrift but more likely bumped off during the incident.But we won’t tell, will we?


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5 responses to “Now If You Were Real Pirates!

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Oh those Russians!

  2. tut, tut – how awful 😉

  3. Susi Spice


    this is what i like… lol

    go russia!!!

  4. That is the way to deal with them! The somali thugs have no understanding of western justice, just the law of the jungle. Take That!

  5. The Celtic Queen

    You can just imagine them going round in circles lol till they all died. I bet they fed them to the sharks.

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