What They Don’t Tell You About Slugs!

Yeah, my cousins got rat lungworm disease. Nasty!

OMG, a Sydney man is fighting for his life after he ate a garden slug for a dare. The unlucky 21 year old contracted rat lungworm disease which is a parasitic worm usually found floating around in rats’ arteries. It seems the slug ate some rat droppings which contained the larvae (and you pretty much know the rest). Oh and loons, this nasty little parasite can be caught via unwashed fruit and vegies too!


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5 responses to “What They Don’t Tell You About Slugs!

  1. Whilst not wishing ill on the man, is this natures way of thinning out the gene pool a bit. SLUG eating?

  2. I have to agree with Dave…

    There are just some things that having a certain level of intelligence prevents you from doing…

  3. uh oh…. I feel queasy

  4. Now in America they apparently have to tell people not to drink topical use Benadryl. I ask why bother?

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