Wedding Ends In Tragedy

You know what I hate? When 28 of of your wedding guests get friggin electrocuted to death when their bus hits a power line! I really hate that! The accident happened in India when a metal cabinet tied on top of the bus touched a high voltage cable and zapped the occupants.

Psst I hope the cabinet wasn’t a wedding present!


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5 responses to “Wedding Ends In Tragedy

  1. Susi Spice

    too harsh and cruel to say: “eh plenty more where they came from”?


    sorry… 😦

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Loon you’re bad

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Having thought about it the scenario must have been damned horrific. A bus load of charred people sitting upright in the seats looking like something out of Thriller. Ewh!

  4. Looking on the bright side – that’s 28 less toasters for the happy couple 😉

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