The Bottom Of Hell You Say!

Not so fast mister!

Remember the cleric, Kazem Sedighi,who blamed the earthquakes on woman showing too much boob? Well anywho, he reckons the reason the West haven’t had a enormous friggin killer natural disaster yet is because God is holding off to let more people sin so they can all be doomed to the bottom of hell. Bless.Hmm, so I am guessing the bottom of hell is pretty bad!


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11 responses to “The Bottom Of Hell You Say!

  1. I hear it is actually a little cooler at the bottom of hell. Kind of like a basement.

  2. yeah, the bottom of hell is the pits – every bugger above shitting on you 😦

  3. The bottom of hell contains an escape hatch though that lets you out in Oz if you died in America and America if you died in Oz. It’s going to be what Lost was about all this time.

  4. The Celtic Queen

    Kazem Sedighi I wonder how it feels to have the whole world laugh at your bullshit?

  5. Ah, that God. Such a prankster.

  6. ella

    I hear you don’t get the coveted lake of fire views in the bottom of hell.

  7. megagetoverit

    Any bottom will do for me….next

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