Shit Happens

Hurry up Fido, I need to go!

A word of warning to all residents of Baltimore’s Scarlett Place who are letting their dogs shit all over the place without scooping it up, they are on to ya.There is a plan underway to have all the dogs DNA tested in the upscale address so they can  catch the culprit/s and it’s owner/s then fine their sorry asses. You think I jest? Next week the condo board will vote to make it mandatory to have all pooches DNA tested.


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5 responses to “Shit Happens

  1. what a waste of science and money; if it’s that offensive employ some wage slave to go and scrape it up each day…

  2. Amy

    So how do you apply for that job? What’s the title: turd tester? shit sampler? Do they get a badge or just a baggie?

    I think my employer should have done that to find out which lunatic shit on the bathroom floors. While they’re at it, they can test the boogers on the walls. Yeah, I’m not kidding.

    • The Celtic Queen

      In our place it was the Asians that shit on the floor. True story they watched and waited. well……. they listened . One even walked on the poo and walked it all the way out into the washroom area and on the the foyer carpet. Friggin gross. Never saw boogers on the walls cause the Asians huck up in front of you. It doesn’t get a chance to solidify in the nostrils. They really are the worlds worst for spitting.

    • What hell place do you work? Oh and please don’t say from home 😦

      • Amy

        I will leave that one a mystery since it’s a major player, but it’s not home. I am suffering the cubicle life in the office. I will never understand what kind of sick lunatics are out there. I mean….what happened that made you cross the line from not shitting on the floor, to shitting on the floor? really? And of course even though I smile politely at everyone in the office, secretly I’m thinking….”are you the one?”

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