The Things I Friggin Do!

What the hell is that?

OK Loons, normally I don’t like writing about new bloggers on the block because basically I don’t really care. Blahahahaha, kidding people, kidding. But after reading that Susi Spice has mercilessly (AND without shame) culled her blogroll and begun searching for new victims bloggers and Bearman (the wretch) is getting closer to heaven with his friggin charity drive I thought had to do something nice. Geez! So anywho, I have a new Loon regular who I think we should encourage and support because her blog doesn’t suck near so much as her gravatar. So drum roll please for Amy at Challenge Accepted.

Psst Hey Bearman, that’s another $5 out of your wallet thank you very much !!!!!!


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17 responses to “The Things I Friggin Do!

  1. Susi Spice

    bhahaah yes and u know i dont think its got me more attention calling for new blog buddies… lol dammit!

  2. The Celtic Queen

    I’m with you there Loon and I don’t usually comment on gravatars now as some people who really like their out of focus or odd gravatars get all huffy and upset lol. Each to their own. I’ll have a browse of Amy later on this evening.

    • It looks suspiciously like something I would step in 😦

      • The Celtic Queen

        You’re a bad Loon lol

      • The Celtic Queen

        When did you last cull Loon? I’ve read some of those blogs on your blogroll and they take up space. I’d never have a blog, it’s too much fun reading yours. Lol. Where else would I learn about The Margaret River Cows?
        I hear they need their coats on presently as you are having very cold mornings but beautiful days

  3. I’ll go check her out in a minute, that’s unnaturally sweet of you. You know Loon; I have a strict 5 post without a comment cull habit with my blog. Of course considering how often I post, that takes 4 or 5 months. No really, I cull (and add) all the time too.

  4. Amy

    hahaha…I have been meaning to change it, but now I will need to leave it for just a bit longer 😉 You’re friggin awesome.

    • Susi Spice

      amy i dont think its that bad… i can see that its… you name.. and a love heart etched into…. im goign to say..oatmeal? hehe 😛

  5. Yeah yeah…$5. Now if only the same 10 people who read my blog didn’t also read your blog, it would really get me somewhere..haha

  6. Amy

    Mark this day in history….June 3rd is the day I finally changed my Gravatar! Now you must suffer through my ugly mug.

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