Baby You Can Light My Fire

Are you sure?

Well, well, well, people, don’t be thinking prehistoric woman were just being dragged around by the hair all day long. Scientist believe they have unearthed the world’s oldest sex toy. Yes, sex toy. Oooh and it was multi-functional to boot. The 30,000 year old siltstone (aka dildo) was unearthed in a German cave by scientist and after close investigation they have concluded that the stone was used not only as a device to ignite fires but also as a device to satisfy the cave woman. The sex toy, which they believe was discarded after it broke, features caved rings around one polished end and scratch marks on the other, used for striking flint. Hmm, so even 30,000 years ago women had to find other ways to satisfy themselves! Nothing friggin changes.

Psst Thank god for batteries!


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8 responses to “Baby You Can Light My Fire

  1. That could be rough if they used the wrong end.

  2. Gives whole new meaning to the term “fire crotch”

  3. who said men couldn’t multi-task ? 😆

  4. Amy

    It’s like anthropology meets health class.

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