I’m A Bottom Dwelling Blogger

Have you got a blog that gets constantly ignored, that not even Alpha Inventions will touch you? Have your stats sat stagnant for years while all around you your blog-rollers have blossomed and no longer visit or respond to your comments…..or worse still, they have removed you from their blog roll!!!!  Have you spent copious amounts of hours writing a meaningful post only to have no one ever read it. Well, don’t despair little ones, you are simply part of an  elite group known as the Bottom Dwelling bloggers. So as a way of saying thanks, we would like to “pay if forward” .

So if you feel you belong in this elite group here’s what you do, simply create a blog post titled ” I’m A Bottom Dwelling Blogger” and copy and paste the “Proud to be a bottom feeder” banner on your blog post  (ooh and make sure you include “I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger”  in your tags as well as the name of your blog) so we can dominate the search term “Bottom Dwelling Blogger”. Currently “bottom dwelling blogger” has only ever been referred to twice (and once was by me), so it will be easy to track our elite group. Each week I will list all new members and their link (if I can be bothered).

Psst And a big thanks to Bearman for contributing his time and talents to creating the official banner. This has been a Madhatters and Friggin Loon initiative for the Freshly Depressed!

We're Loud and We're Proud


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38 responses to “I’m A Bottom Dwelling Blogger

  1. I will enrol this morning, fecking good idea by loon and hatters, and bearman the logo is perfect, just the right texture of green slime at the bottom!

  2. Julie

    FUCK THAT!! We may be Bottom Dwelling Bloggers, but we’ve got the bestest group of blogging friends …. *raises middle finger in salute*

    • That’s the point Julie, it is for bloggers who do have great blogs but are finding it hard to get readers. We don’t want crap bloggers, they aren’t elite 🙂

      • The Celtic Queen

        I’ll salute that too. And we aren’t attention seekers either Loon. Wink Wink !!

  3. I use Bottom Feeder. You use Bottom Dweller. Should I change the wording on the logo??

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  5. Updated the logo on my site.

  6. I have crossed over to the pond side and joined the cause!

  7. “I can see the BP oil leak from down here!”

  8. Hey I’m doing it now. I haven’t read many blogs the last week or so as life has been hectic so I will increase my efforts to to support the bottom dwellers of this world. This should work well gay men are bottom dwellers & look how much attention they get these days…
    I have gone over to the dark side again too http://www.tonymcgurk.net

  9. I am a bottom dweller because I ain’t got no idea how to do all that stuff you are talkin’ about. I ain’t real sure I fall into the “quality blogs” category either. I can see the bottom of all of your feet.

  10. Well, I’ve joined the cause. Me and my 10 followers will be checking out all the other bottom dweller’s blogs fo’ sho’.

  11. S. Le

    Awww… are not!

    • S. Le

      Plus now I want to be a bottom dweller! Actually I may be. I don’t usually get 16 comments!

      • Hey, S.Le – not only a fellow ‘bottom dweller’, but a fellow ‘Withnail and I” fan !!! 😆

        Been a while since I dropped by to visit. My apologies. Will pop over soon. We ‘bottom dwellers’ have to stick together !!! 😉

      • S. Le

        Yeah, and I’ve not visited you either. I’m about to break my non-visiting streak!

  12. Ok I’ve dropped to the bottom to dwell on it.
    At least you can do is check it out.

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  15. I almost feel like crying. I have found “my people”….The Bottom Dwellers! May, I join?

    Oh, and do we get T-shirts or matching caps?

  16. Julie

    Joy is going to have to feature us sooner or later … hell we’ve started our own little cult here ….

  17. I’m a bit late to the party but some of us Bottom Dwellers lurk in the mud and move slowly. Count me in though.

  18. Gruff Guano

    Now that sufficient observation has established that the Bottom Dwellers aren’t a paramilitary organization with strict hierarchy, Victorian morals and/or absurd secret handshakes, I think joining up would be a good idea. If you don’t mind.

    Although technically speaking there are Bottom Dwellers, 30 feet of fishcrap on the bottom, and then me underneath.

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  20. Ana

    I’m not a Bottom Dweler. My blog reaches the shameful amount of more than 1.000 per day. You not what? It means nothing and it makes me wonder if it’s really because of the quality or because of the hits that people come close.
    I’ve been blogging for 4 years but it was this second blog that have the hits.
    I have not a clue… damn! I will not be able to have this badge.
    I will start another blog…

  21. As for me….I remain a very proud Bottom Dweller!

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