Nicholas Cage’s Eccentric Eating Habits

Nicholas Cage professes to only eating animals which he thinks have sex the right way. In Cage’s world fish and chicken have dignified sex, but pigs? Hmm, not so much!  Okie dokie, so how’s about explaining why you ate the real cockroach in Vampire’s Kiss then?

Psst Dear god, if I had to think about how an animal had sex, before eating my food, I’d be a vegetarian or really , really kinky!!!


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16 responses to “Nicholas Cage’s Eccentric Eating Habits

  1. Julie

    Did you know that a pig’s orgasm lasts 30 minutes? I could soooo be a pig!

  2. I wonder what his criteria is for eating fruit, dairy,vegetables and grains are then?…Oh, Hang on a minute, no I don’t.

  3. Maybe he has a form of Asperger’s? No really, they have some wild food rules. So do OCD’ers, but you’re probably right and he’s just eccentric.

  4. Lynn

    who decides on what to eat by how his food copulates? he’s strange cookie that nic cage.

  5. Susi Spice

    the right way?

    what does he mean?

    dont most animals do it ala “doggy style”?

    fish dont actually have sex they just juice out their semen and eggs and they somehow come together to fertilise under certain conditions hence “breeding season”… and chickens? well the rooster still gets on top of the chickens back and flaps his wings and goes forth and procreate…

    horses, pigs, goats, sheep all do it the same way… ala brokeback moutain…

    im baffled..he should explain…

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