Fined For Picking Up The Wrong Poop

That ain't your shit lady!

The dog poop police are seriously out of control in Britain. A granny was fined £50 after she was caught picking up the wrong dog poop. Yes, Pam Robson had been out walking her Labrador Derik, when he ran off and relieved himself. Mrs Robson, being a good dog poop scooper citizen, immediately picked up Derik’s mess. Next thing she knows a Sunderland Council warden approached her and “He said it was the wrong mess and that he was going to issue me with a fine for £50.” Despite Mrs Robson then picking up her own dog’s mess he still fined her. With the help of a local MP and a solicitor she eventually had the fine over turned. Another fine mess!!!!


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5 responses to “Fined For Picking Up The Wrong Poop

  1. Good greef how ridikyoolus. I must mayk shor Daddy picks up myn & not anuva dog’s poopys then. I am the soopeeriyor lifeform becorz I dont pik up his poopys

  2. Hey that woz my komment but Daddy woz loggd in insted ov me

  3. I dident chanj it ryt agen becorz it sed Tony on the name but my emayl, sorry I am piking u Daddy’s silly habits

  4. lolz the wrong poop !!!!!

  5. The Celtic Queen

    What a shithead that sooopervisor is? Wrong Poop!!!! How can a take himself so seriously?

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