Jesus On His Thumb

Holy thumbprint Batman, an 8th grader from Phoenix believes he found Jesus on his thumb. Austin Coleman was doing a science project for school, where he had to place his thumbprint on a piece of paper, but when he stepped back from it he saw an image he believes resembles Jesus. What do you think loons?



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8 responses to “Jesus On His Thumb

  1. How come every image of a guy with a beard HAS to be Jesus. I am waiting for the guy who says “Hey I have Charles Darwin’s Image on my Toast”

  2. give me a clue – where am I supposed to see this jesus geezer ???

  3. Looks like Frank Zappa to me. In regards to Bearman’s comment, I shaved my beard off because everywhere I went I kept getting followed by people wanting free bread & fishes.
    Hey!!! Hang on!!! What’s that I can see on my toast??? Oh sorry, it’s just Dixie’s tongue marks in my vegemite…

  4. His nose is skewed like a boxer, there’s a cobra coming out of his head, and he’s coming out of that twirling time machine from the old television series. Otherwise it’s spot on!

  5. Bloody hell it looks like Charles Manson….run!!!!!

  6. The Celtic Queen

    That nose reminds me of Gerard Depardieu> lol

  7. Burnttoast

    I have a much clearer picture than what the news cameraman took. It will blow you away!

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