What The Hell Is That?

Could it be the Montauk Monster?

Stephen King rang and he wants his pet back! What the hell is that? A small Canadian town is sleeping with one eye open after a dog dragged a scary critter from their lake. The creature was found when two women were walking their dog in a town called…wait for it….Kitchenuhmaykoosib, in Ontario. The dog, in his infinite wisdom, decided to show his owner what he’d discovered and the pulled the creature to shore. After they took photos of the thing, they got the hell out of there. However, when locals went back to retreive the creature it was gone, gone I tell ya! Everybody panic!!!!


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9 responses to “What The Hell Is That?

  1. Susi Spice

    itll turn out to be that some local politician was having sex with some bear and thats its offspring

  2. I’m a member of your skeptic club for sure. The face looks plastic-y and the hair looks like combed nylon. Still, it’s pretty freaking gross.

  3. Susi Spice

    its just the worlds ugliest teddy bear

  4. The Celtic Queen

    Deformed calf???

  5. Julie

    Was it swimming?

  6. OMG, FFS, puke and barf…

  7. John Travolta called… he wants his hair piece back. Nasty shit, thanks for sharing.

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