More Bottom Dwelling Bloggers

That's Tony

Seems we are not alone in the murky depths of blogland, joining us to dwell is the irrepressible Flat Tony who suffers from  INTCMBA (I need to change my blog again) syndrome. People are beginning to think he is highly paranoid or he owes the Tassie TAB some big bucks. Tony can now be located at Mad Tony YNOT Tony McGurk. One thing I can say about Tony, despite his tendencies to up and move, is the length he will go to make his blog entertaining and unique. It takes a special type of man (a Tasmanian) to wander into an Op Shop and grab snaps of ill fitting headwear or pull the piss on the Amish.

That's Dan

Oh and Dan, Dan McGinley Humor, another bottom dwelling blogger, has decided to wallow with us. Unfortunately Dan didn’t read all the steps to becoming a bottom dweller as he failed to include Bearman’s banner in his post but we will forgive him because lets face it, we can’t afford not to. Check out Dan at Dan McGinley Humor.


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10 responses to “More Bottom Dwelling Bloggers

  1. Effin Tony. I knew this would happen. Check out the link…it doesn’t work!

    Go back to his wordpress account and guess what you see

    “Blogger Public Announcment
    I have completely deleted my Blogger blog so I can’t be tempted to keep going back to it. No doubt all my chopping & changing drives my regular readers nuts. Sorry folks… “

  2. hello frigginloon its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i wunder if i can be a bottom dwelling blogger too i cud put it on the sunday awards and meem show wot do yoo think??? and dont wurry i wont deleet my blog if i did dada wood hav nuthing to do but go bak to wurk on his silly books and short storeez wot no wun reeds!!! ha ha ok bye

  3. Blogging is fun….ask Tony

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