Duchess of Porkies

Holy Sloan Ranger Batman, Fergie (aka Duchess of York) is in the biggest pile of doo-dah since her toe sucking days. In a Countess of Wessexesque style move, Fergie has been duped by a newspaper (will they ever learn?). Yep the poor gullible ex royal was caught on tape offering to sell access to her ex for £500,000 to an undercover reporter. Oblivious to the News Of The World sting, Fergie can be seen and friggin heard negotiating with a “pretend” businessman about the price of the set up. She also insisted that she received 1% commission from all deals made as a result of her royal connections. Oh ah. She then goes on to say that Prince Andrew (who works as a special representative for the government agency UK Trade & Investment) would be a willing business partner “Look after me and he’ll look after you … you’ll get it back tenfold. I can open any door you want,” Awkward. Geez, in the good old days it would have been “off with her head!” Hmm, I wouldn’t be expecting any more invites to royal functions anytime soon.

Psst Want to really cringe? Check out Fergie on film as she makes the deal.


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12 responses to “Duchess of Porkies

  1. Even the Royal spin doctors must be shaking their heads wondering how they are going to make Andrew look squeaky clean!!!!

  2. WSClark

    I was just thinking yesterday about various folk that seem to have everything going for themselves, then manage to screw it up in some horrible fashion.

    The Sports Pages provide a virtual daily roster of stars that have destroyed their public image, if not their careers. Politicians of late can’t seem to alternately keep their pants on or their mouths shut.

    Then, this morning, I open MSNBC and there is Fergie, the non-singing one, screwing up her life and whatever public image she may have had.

    When I get rich and famous (!?!) I am going to hire someone to follow me around and bitch slap me if I wander of the path of straight and narrow – at least in public.

  3. WSClark

    By the way, Loon, I have stepped into Steven’s role at Pop Blog. Fnord and I are going to make a strong effort to keep it going, it meant a lot to our departed friend.

    We are having a celebration for him June 12th. Maybe you can join us?

    It’s a short swim!

    • You know I would love to celebrate a life well lived but with that oil and slick and all, it could get ugly. But I would be more than happy to promote the Prairie P&P’s on the Loon. Onwards and upwards. I am so glad you and Fnord are continuing the blog and I will support you in anyway I can. Apart from stripping (of course) or eating Fnord’s chicken in a can 😦

      • WSClark

        Hey, folk have traveled further for my word famous BBQ’d ribs and smoked baked beans! ‘Mon, the lovely Ms. Prairie Pond is going to travel from the hinterlands of Kansas with her fried chicken and ‘tater salad for the occasion!

        That should be sufficient motivation!

      • An offer too good to refuse WS Clark.

  4. I’m a life-long republican who couldn’t give a toss about the Royal Family and, much to the late Mrs D’s embarrassment have always – when invited to deliver an after dinner speech at a posh ‘do’ – publicly and very visibly refused to stand and toast the Queen when the ‘Loyal Toast’ has been called.

    So I have no interest in any of the shenanigans involving the Royal Family and their hangers on.

    It appears from this report that the Duchess is just like the rest of us – when offered an opportunity to make some easy money she grabbed it.

    That constitutes ‘news’ ???

    I am uneasy with the growing trend in crap newspapers to ‘create’ news rather than report it.

    Setting people up does not count as investigative reporting in my book !!!

    Suppose the Duchess had not fallen for the newspaper’s scam, would we have heard about it? Would they have splashed a story across the front page of the paper saying they had tried to bribe the Duchess to allow access to her ex-husband and she had refused? I don’t think so. Do you ?

    • I think you are missing the point Duncan. The fact that this is going on is disgraceful, set up or not set up. When people are placed in a position of power and it is abused (be it Royal family or business execs) the public has a right to know. This isn’t the first time Prince Andrew’s integrity has been questioned.

  5. I guess being a singer for the Black Eyed Peas wasn’t enough for her …

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