Life Sentence For Stealing Socks at WalMart

Separated from the rest of the flock!

Bummer, a shoplifter has been given a life sentence for stealing a packet of $4 socks. Problem it seemed was Dean Rockmore was also was carrying a gun and flashed it at a Walmart employee when confronted in a parking lot after fleeing the store with his footwear. Hmm,  so technically that’s “armed  robbery” right there  and as  Mr Rockmore was a friggin re-offender a life sentence is mandatory.


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8 responses to “Life Sentence For Stealing Socks at WalMart

  1. I understand that a little more then. I’ve heard the stories, especially coming out of California where somebody gets life for stealing a steak or a CD because of the ‘three strikes your out’ laws. I believe in being tough on crime but I wish they were tougher on violent crime and sent the drug addicts to rehab. Or at least gave them an option.

  2. How many of the “3strikers” have worked out that incarceration provide free board and lodging for life, with almost bugger all effort on their behalf? I only ask because I have a theory…

  3. This idiot would have continued if let loose. Good riddance.

  4. Julie

    He’s carrying a gun, and he steals a pair of socks? FFS … something just not right there … don’t they have money in Walmart anymore?

  5. Maybe he was going to try and put them over his head (confusing them with stockings) and try to rob a bank.

  6. Amy

    How much you want to bet they start calling him something like Dean “Sockmore” in prison?

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