Hangmen, A Dying Breed!

Geez, where do you get a decent hangman from these days, seems India are short a few. Come on people, one friggin Mumbai terrorist to execute and no friggin hangman! Can you believe the only surviving terrorist, Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, has been sentenced to be hang but they can’t  find a professional hangman to do it. Ooh but never fear  Arjun Bhika Jadhav is here. OK, he maybe a little old (72) and has suffered a stroke or two but Jadhav is offering his services  after hearing about their dilemma and swears he can get the job done in 27 seconds. Yep, the man has been carrying out executions for 33 years and boasts 101 hangings.  Authorities are currently considering his offer.

Psst How’s about just a firing squad and be done with it?


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6 responses to “Hangmen, A Dying Breed!

  1. Wow. What a messed-up world.

  2. Lynn

    this is a position that requires a skill set and experience? damn. guess being an amateur hangman is out huh?

  3. Maybe they could just make him sit on a toilet brush?

  4. Julie

    LOOK here if they’re paying good money … I’ll apply … but I cant promise I’m going to make it quick and easy for babyface Kasab ….. he didn’t exactly think of that when pulling his little trigger did he?

    OOOOOH and KASSSSAB …. psssst just before you die, I’ll whisper in your ear that they lied to you about all those virgins….. 👿

  5. The Celtic Queen

    One wrong calculation and off comes the head… good . I hope he’s shitting himself!

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