Oh dear, a Georgia high school teacher is on leave after four of her students dressed in mock Ku Klux Klan outfits to film a school project. Evidently a few black students got quite upset and complained, which resulted in the teacher being suspended . Catherine Ariemma who was teaching US history/film education, allowed her student to dress in the white robes and pointed head gear to make a film about the history of racism in America. The only problem was, she let them walk around the school in the offensive outfits.

Psst Lucky it wasn’t a pink Hitler!


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3 responses to “KKK = FFF

  1. The film would have been okay for historical purposes but you let everyone… and I mean everyone know what is going on. Not bright at all.

  2. Lynn

    this is getting lots of coverage here in america with lively debate. i’m surprised you havent received more comments on this one loon. lots of folks think the teacher was NOT out of line but personally, i think the students could’ve learned about this era just as well by watching old videos from the library of congress. there’s no need for the white sheets and hoods. poor judgement.. tsk tsk..

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