Didn’t I tell You To Wear Clean Undies?

Ewh, ewh, ewh, authorities in Washington State have used DNA from a pair of undies left at a burglary to solve the crime. You gotta hate that friggin DNA database huh? Anywho, the underpants, which were left behind along with shoes and pants, came up a perfect match for some dude who was already in jail on other burglary charges. Hmm, just add this to the list!


Filed under Friggin Dumbass, Friggin Gross, How Embarrassing, Whoops!

3 responses to “Didn’t I tell You To Wear Clean Undies?

  1. The guy who tests your fecal matter is probably not a happy person either

  2. what kind of burglar leaves his shoes, pants, and undies at the scene of the crime ?

    if nothing else, running from a house shoeless, bare-arsed, and carrying a TV and a video recorder (for example) under your arm is going to attract a certain amount of attention to yourself – the last thing a burglar wants to do !!!

  3. on the other hand, if the ‘burglar’ was screwing the wife and the husband came home unexpectedly, forcing him to make his escape in a state of undress and the wife told her husband she had disturbed a burglar who had just been about to have his evil way with her – that I could believe !!! 😉

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