Friggin Eyeballing

No people, no. The latest drinking game for young adults is called eyeballing where you pour vodka into your or someone else’s eye. I kid you not. Evidently it gets you drunk quicker (No Duncan, don’t try it!!!). Experts are freaking because vodka is on average 40-50% pure alcohol, which it means it has the ability to strip the friggin top layer of your cornea off. Hmm, better start training up more seeing eye dogs!


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8 responses to “Friggin Eyeballing

  1. he didn’t say happy fucking Sunday. What…is he a church goer or something?

  2. Because those few seconds really count when getting fecked-up. Shees. Puts a whole new meaning to “blind drunk”. I heard that if you pour it in your ass, you die. Wait till THAT hits YouTube.

  3. eye won’t be trying that – waste of good alcohol !!!

    Wait, do you still get a hangover when you wake the next morning?

    And if so, do you drink your favourite hangover cure or apply it to your eyeball

    We need to know !!!

  4. The Celtic Queen

    WTF what next?

  5. You forgot the air quotes around “adults” …

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