Didn’t See That One Coming

Hey psst Loons, never try and scare a black man…I’m just saying!


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6 responses to “Didn’t See That One Coming

  1. Or someone bigger than you.

  2. It was funny as hell but looked staged, the way they were laughing. My guess (by the way he threw a textbook right hook, and the guy dropped back down like a Jack-in-the-Box) is that Tyrone is a boxer, and they all said, “Hey, what if . . .” And they did it for laughs. Great gig.

  3. Point taken. Thank you for the advice.

  4. OMG! 😯

    Something tells me that the following scene included a battered guy walking away, muttering “F&@k that!” under his breath… 😆

  5. I always wanted to see somebody get punched out on a “Punk’d” type show …

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