It’s A Jungle Out There

Remember Jungle woman? Hmm, nuh? Well, neither do I, but anywho, you know I am gonna tell you anyways. In 1989 Rochom P’ngieng and her sister went missing in thick jungle in Cambodia while herding buffalo. For 18 years their parents thought they were both dead until in 2007 a filthy, naked, scared woman “looking like a monkey”  was caught stealing food from a farmer. It was Rochom. Her parents were united with their long lost daughter after identifying her by a scar. For 2 years all attempts to reintegrate her pretty much failed. She still can’t speak, prefers to crawl than walk and refuses to wear any clothes. Anyway on Tuesday she up and fled. Her father believes she has gone back into the wild to live. Hmm, you know in some ways I don’t blame her, it’s a friggin jungle out there.

Psst No clue as what happened to the other sister.

2nd Psst Some people believe a child of 8 would not have survived in the jungle for 18 years and may have been held captive.


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4 responses to “It’s A Jungle Out There

  1. Bugger !!!

    Was planning to post this story in MadHatters but got distracted playing with new puppys 😳

    Couple of things to add to your account, loon, that I think worth mentioning.

    Although the family identified the ‘jungle girl’ as their long-lost daughter on the basis of a scar they claim she had before she disappeared, they refused any DNA testing to confirm this – suggesting they had some doubt in their own mind that she really was their daughter? They were desperate, it appears, to believe this was their daughter and couldn’t countenance the possibility that she was not ?

    Secondly, the father is saving to meet the demands of a mystic who claims that in return for one wild ox, one pig, one chicken and four jugs of wine he can secure the girls return – proving there are charlatans in any society prepared to prey on vulnerable folk

  2. Very interesting story—Although after reading the blog, the 1 comment and the articles, I still don’t know if she’s single…? If anyone knows, please AskJeeves to Bing my Skype…

  3. Hmmm…I wonder if my family would
    offer up oxen, pigs, chickens, or wine if I ran off to live in the jungle. Probably not…well, they might offer a couple of bottles of Boone’s Farm.

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