That Ain’t No House Of Horrors, This Is!

Haven't the neighbors suffered enough?

WTF, you all know the Amityville horror house is up for sale, right? Well, it seems PETA have sniffed out an opportunity and  want to move into it for the time being. Hmm,purchase it? Hell no, they want to lease it out (until it’s sold of course) and turn it into  their very own version of the house of horrors. Sheez, when I originally read the story I thought it was some kind of joke but nope, evidently not. The group have big plans, including loudspeakers which will blast out the sounds of “slaughter blades” and animals screaming to set the mood. Well hello, Clarice! Visitors will also be subjected to animatronic battery hens, with presumably their bums bleeding, and fish grasping for air as they suffer on the decks of fishing boats.Ooh and lets no forget branding irons and electrified cow prods to get the little kiddies truly traumatized. Bless.PETA also want to flog a little bit of merchandise while they are at it, this will include a crazed knife wielding doll which looks suspiciously like Ronald McDonald.  Hmm, good luck with that. I suspect the owners and poor friggin neighbors just want a quick sale without any more attention  than they are already getting, thank you very much!


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6 responses to “That Ain’t No House Of Horrors, This Is!

  1. Too bad about PETA, their hearts are in the right place but their brains have apparently left town. If I were an endangered species and PETA offered to save my hide, I think I might pass.

  2. I suggested (in blog) that we raise $, secure the house, put the cast and crew of SITC2 inside, lock and throw away key.

  3. I mean SATC – hate so much, can’t even get acronyms correct.

  4. I think PETA would get more visitors if they stocked it with those naked models they like to use in their street corner displays.

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