The Perfect Blend Cow

Yep, the friggin CowParade saga continues with….drum roll please…The Perfect Blend, a cow covered in  wine labels from every winery in the Margaret River region. This cow I had to search  high and low  for as it wasn’t in friggin Reuther Park where it is was suppose to be and no one had a clue where it was. Eventually I discovered it had been placed in the library because some tourists were not being so nice to it. Personally, I think it was winos trying to lick the labels but I digress. So the only thing I had to do was find the friggin library, which was not the easiest of feats, considering nearly the entire population of Margaret River are made of surfer dudes who didn’t have a clue what or where a library was (kidding, some did, gosh!). Of course it would have to be hidden in the back blocks and of course it had to be friggin closed.

Valerie Vallee and Eddie Donato – Margaret River is synonymous with fine wine. Each winery is unique, with its own story to tell and incredible wines to taste, but it’s hard to enjoy them all…so we decided to create the perfect blend.

Scratch and sniff!!!

But wait there is more. On my intrepid journey to find the friggin Margaret River library I discovered this cow in the “Love the Beast” store. I flipped through my official Cowparade booklet over and over again and WTF, it wasn’t there. An impostor loons, a friggin impostor!!!!!

Where the hell did you come from?

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  1. Even though the first cow has a touch of class, what with the wine labels and all, I much prefer the second one. I like to go incognito, myself.

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