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Dentist More Dangerous Than a Battlefield

OMG, a Missouri Veterans Administration Hospital may have accidentally exposed 1,800 veterans to hepatitis, HIV or any other life threatening disease you can care to think of. In the next few days 1,812 veterans are gonna be getting a nice “WTF” letter in their mailbox. Hmm, seems the hospital had a “failure to clean dental instruments properly” problem. Sheez, what, like 1,800 times? The hospital said some dental technicians had hand washed tools before putting them in the cleaning machines. Despite there being only a minimal risk of anyone catching something nasty, the hospital is offering serology testing for hepatitis B, C and HIV to anyone who received the letter.


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Octopus Oracle Paul Predicts World Cup Winner

Wanna know who’s going to win the World Cup? Well, if Octopus oracle Paul is to be believed, it will be Germany over Argentina. Octopus oracle Paul has become quite a legend at the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, western Germany having predicted correctly all four of Germany’s games.


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Friggin Loon vs Cup a Soup

OK people, don’t try this at home, you’ll choke. I pretty much hate cup-a-soup, but last night it was so friggin cold I decided I’d MSG myself just this one time. However, in a flash of genius I decided to camouflage the packet soup by chucking in pieces of shaved Parmesan. See, now you would think that it would make it half acceptable and would taste pretty damn good, once it had melted. Well, the Loon discovered that the shaved cheese becomes a frightening, slippery ball of death at the bottom of the cup waiting for the last gulp. My near death experience and the thought of having to pluck the stringy pieces of slime from my throat again, convinced me never to do this again!

Psst Blahaha the irony, the Loon could so easily have been a Friggin Loon headline “Friggin dumbass chokes from cheese in soup!”


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Retail Rage After Closing Eaton Centre During G20

We are the Toronto public and we want to shop. OMG, he’s probably someone’s dad.


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Sometimes You Have To Be Cruel

Run right over them!

A word of warning people, don’t slam on your brakes to allow a family of ducks to cross the highway when there is a motorcycle behind you. That’s criminal negligence causing death right there…hmm and in this case causing two deaths.


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Lesson One, Switch Off Your Video Feed

OK, here’s the thing Texas Tech professor, make sure when you finish teaching your class via a video feed you turn it off before surfing for porn…I’m just saying, turn if friggin off!!! Rod Hicks thought he was all alone while surfing for sexual material after class but seems some of his students were also watching his activities on the teleconference screen. Awkward. Oh well, he’ll have plenty of time now to pursue his interests as he’s been removed from his professorship of the endowed chair. Sheez, harsh, it wasn’t the  illegal stuff and it could have been research? Come on people that’s a good old laugh, a couple of “how embarrassings”  and a tsk, tsk, tsk but not a dethroning!

Psst I hope the sound was down.


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Spooks Kidnapped Iranian Nuclear Scientist?

Sometimes real life is way cooler than the movies. Tehran just televised a video clip from a man claiming to be a Iranian nuclear scientist who said he was kidnapped by US agents and had just escaped. Capricorn friggin One!  The video which was dated June 14th and is believed to feature Shahram Amiri, a nuclear scientist who went missing in 2009 after arriving in Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage. In the video he says “A few minutes ago I managed to escape from the hands of US intelligence agents in Virginia ….. If something happens and I do not return home alive, the US Government will be responsible,” He goes on to ask Iranian officials to raise pressure on the US Government to help get him the hell out of there. Interestingly ABC News reported in March that Amiri had defected and was working for the US Central Intelligence Agency. Oh dear, I wonder if Imadinnerjacket and his cronies threatened Amiri’s family in Iran?

Psst Hmm, amazing how the minute he escapes Amiri is making a video clip. I’d be still friggin running!!!

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Friggin Cigarette Lighter!

WTF? A three year old boy from Florida woke up in the middle of the night, found himself a cigarette lighter and set his great grandmother’s bed alight….with her in it. The incident happened in a mobile home in Port Orange where seven people were sleeping at the time. Phyillis Hall was taken to hospital with burns to her hands, feet and upper body but was later discharged but her hubby remains in hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

Psst He might just be off Santa’s list this Christmas!


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Oh Carol

Three hours so far!

Remember Caroline Cartwright? Sure you do, she’s was the woman who kept the friggin neighborhood up all night with her noisy sex sessions and was then slapped with  anti-social behavior order. Well seems Caroline has been arrested again and this time the court could be sending her to jail (peace at last). Evidently the noise she makes during her sex sessions with her hubby,  in the early hours of the morning, is so loud it drowns out the neighbor’s TVs. At one stage even the mailman could hear it down the street. Neighbors have described the noise as sounding like murder.

Psst Just in case your wondering, hubby is as quiet as a church mouse during the sex sessions so he’s pretty much off the hook.


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Friggin Nightingale Droppings

As part of my crappy souvenir and weird collections from around the world, let me present nightingale droppings. Yes, when I was living in Japan it was quite popular to rub your face with bird poop. I was so horrified intrigued  I bought myself a packet but I was never game enough to even open it. In fact, I would sooner roll around in a kitty litter tray than slap this on my face. Using a pretty name like “nightingale” doesn’t change the fact that it is bird shit, OK!!!

It's still full of shit!

Psst Ewh, the packet is still full of nightingale droppings.


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