Little Squirts and Big Shits

You know what I hate? When a Toronto gang use squirt bottles filled with feces to rob people. I really friggin hate that. The gang usually strikes ATM customers after they have just finished withdrawing money.Gross. Here’s how they do it, first, one gang member approaches the victim and sprays them with the feces (believed to be human) then a second gang member approaches to offer assistance to the appalled victim by holding their jacket or purse while they clean themselves. Both then flee with the items. Hmm, sounds like a lot of hard work to me, buy a friggin gun!


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8 responses to “Little Squirts and Big Shits

  1. You really have to wonder what the Hell kind of criminal mastermind came up with that ingenious plan. “Forget guns and knives, my friends, we’ll use our feces to strike terror into the hearts of ordinary men.”

  2. Now that’s what I’d call “aggravated” robbery! 🙄

  3. To be squirtable, the faeces must have been liquidised, with what FFS?

  4. I’ve heard of a scumbag robbing some people with what he claimed was an AIDS infected needle. They gave up the money BTW.

  5. That is freaking nasty. I’m really peeved that I didn’t come up with Little Squirt and Big Shit as the nicknames for my children.

  6. izziedarling


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