Holy sinkhole Batman

Geez, Tropical Storm Agatha left a healthy reminder of the danger of storms, as a sinkhole swallowed up a three storey building and a house in Guatemala City.Geez, blame that on a poor sewage drainage system! So far the storm has claimed 144 lives and left thousands homeless.


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13 responses to “Holy sinkhole Batman

  1. Jeez, what size are the drains in Guatemalia ? 😯

  2. I think the loon has been known to visit so they opened up the drains as wide as they could to sustain her dumps.

  3. Reminds me of the hole Vlad dug in our backyard when he was little.

  4. The local residents definitely need the Shirt of the month

  5. My wife looked at that picture and said, “Is that PhotoShopped?”

  6. The Celtic Queen

    So did I . U thought the Loon was being a loon for a moment.

  7. Amy

    That happened a few years back also in Guatemala, but I think that time was maybe from sewer drains, etc. I’m basically too lazy to google it right now for straight facts. haha.

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