Worst Baseball Call Ever

OK Loons, I don’t profess to being an expert on baseball (hell, I don’t even watch it) , but WTF,Armando Galarraga throws the perfect game and it gets ruined by a poor umpiring decision. The ump might want to be sleeping with one eye open for awhile. Hmm, had the call been correct, Galarraga would have been the 21st pitcher to have thrown a perfect game. Now he is going to be remember as the poor chump who so very nearly, almost, kind of, threw the perfect game.


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7 responses to “Worst Baseball Call Ever

  1. My God that was painful. I was afraid to see what had happened; something very similiar happened to me while playing ball up in Maine, and I never played baseball again. I’m still haunted by that lousy effin’ game. Guess it’s teeny compared to this.

  2. Life may not stink but sometimes it sure smells funny don’t it?

  3. Hopefully the commish changes the ruling since it was the final out.

  4. Not being a baseball fan (this is Kansas, what’s to cheer?), I really don’t feel the outrage.

    • Lynn

      i posted this vid back in nov and it’s one of my msot favorite posts. imagine the roster where it says.. Ellis, D. (LSD) sorry but that is too damn cool!

  5. I really don’t feel nuthink … seeing that I cant watch the fugging video 🙄

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