Shooting Spree Shocks Britain

Sadly another murder spree has left several communities in northern England bewildered and in shock. Taxi driver Derrick Bird, armed with a shotgun and automatic hunting rifle, drove for 3 hours  through small villages and towns randomly firing at the locals. Many of the victims were shot at point blank range after he beckoned them over to his car.In the end 12 people were dead and 25 injured in what has become Britain’s worst mass shooting since Dunblane, when 16 children and teachers were killed. After his rampage Mr Bird killed himself in a wooded area (as they do) near a farm once owned by children’s writer Beatrice Potter. It is believed Mr Bird’s twin brother was one of the first victims.  A fight at work, over rivals stealing cabbie fares, may have triggered the rampage but it is also being reported Mr Bird  was upset over issues with  his mother’s will and was suffering financial troubles.

It has also been reported that prior to the rampage  Mr Bird tried to get help from a local hospital but was turned away.


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7 responses to “Shooting Spree Shocks Britain

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Gees how much was the old girl worth ??
    Not that much surely. Just as well he’s dead!

  2. I swear to God, Dave’s idea of putting strong pharmaceuticals in the water supply is looking better every day.

  3. The apparent failure of his local mental health services to respond to his request for help, if proven, is a dreadful indictment…

    • I agree Dave. It was only mentioned in a few news reports but not highlighted. Evidently he told a friend he was going to kill someone and they talked him out of it. Later he went to the hospital in a very angry mood and asked for help. He then went on the rampage the next day.

  4. Oh yes this is much better than giving up some money from a will.

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