Jews Should Get The Hell Out Of Palestine

Oi,Oi, Oi, Helen Thomas, the 89 year old member of the White House Press Corps got herself in a right old pickle recently when she stated that Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go back home to “Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else”. Hmm, that pretty much went down like a cup of cold sick especially when Rabbi Nesenoff broke this story on


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9 responses to “Jews Should Get The Hell Out Of Palestine

  1. What the fucking fuck?

    I wonder how exactly she got a White House Press Corps gig? I don’t think she blew anybody…?

    Jus sayin.

    • The Celtic Queen

      Over the years she ‘s ruffled lots of feathers this isn’t the first time. I like her . for an old gal she’s always been interesting..

  2. Gruff Guano

    She looks like she may be a remanence of those SS-officers that were recruited by the CIA in the late fourties.

  3. Susi Spice

    posted some pics loon and a video! hehe im getting better at this thing…u know…technology

  4. So I am waiting for Helen to call for us to get out of the Occupied Territory called the United States.

  5. The Celtic Queen

    Ah now she’s gone! Seat vacated. Gees she should take a trip down under. She’d wonder where the hell she is.

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