Trial Aborted Because of Aroused Juror

OK, here’s the thing sexually aroused juror, don’t be wearing no condom to court or the friggin trial will be aborted. Oh dear, it is alleged an elderly man who was on the jury of a sexual abuse trial in Auckland has admitted he became sexually aroused listening to the victim’s evidence. In an attempt to cope he told another member of the jury he wore a condom in the courtroom. When the judge got wind of this she aborted the case. Seriously creepy!


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10 responses to “Trial Aborted Because of Aroused Juror

  1. wait till they find the juror’s collection of rape stories….hmmm……

  2. That’s one way to get out of jury duty.

  3. I thought jurors were supposed to be upstanding members of the community ?

  4. The Celtic Queen

    No can do he must be a KIWI!! Nobody else would be stupid enough to ‘share’ that with anyone.

  5. Wait. Does this guy know the purpose of a condom? I’m thinking….NO.

  6. OK, how old was this man?

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