The House Of Malaria

Last night I went to a friend’s house and their little girl was so excited to show me the tadpoles she had caught that day. So I went into their laundry and looked down into her little aquarium, only to see these things staring back at me.


They ain’t no tadpoles little girl, they are friggin mosquito larvae. Everybody scream.

Psst They should have reached the Indian Ocean by now!


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Friggin Wildlife, How Embarrassing, I'm Just Saying !, Whoops!, You Go Girl!

12 responses to “The House Of Malaria

  1. The Celtic Queen

    I hope you made sure they were dead first.

  2. “We kill you. We kill you all.”

  3. Susi Spice

    “Friggin Loon’s crematorium, you crushem we flushem”

  4. Geez Loon, you’re one big meanie … flushing her little pets down the loo 🙄

  5. this tale brought memories of the time our youngest was about 8-9 yr old. His goldfish went and died on us on Xmas eve and I had to flush the corpse down the loo

    Later that evening I went for a piss and found he had placed a piece of tinsel round the toilet bowl. When I saw that I felt like I was about to desecrate a grave so I snuck outside and peed in the garden 😳

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