Realism Added To Wizard Of Oz Festival

I’ll get you my pretty and your dog too! 50 mph winds and a suspected tornado in Chittenango, birthplace of the author of Wizard of Oz, L.Frank Baum, forced the cancellation of the “Oz-Stravaganza”. So very ironic. The storm blew away many of the vendors tents which were set up for the Oz festival. Even the real-life munchkins from the “lollipop guild” (yes, a few are still alive), who were guests of honor, were forced to batten down the hatches as the power went off. On a lighter note, one of the vendors proclaimed “We’re not in Kansas anymore,”


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4 responses to “Realism Added To Wizard Of Oz Festival

  1. I’m guessing that 50-mph winds could make a 95 year-old Munchkin disappear in a hurry…

  2. Lynn

    that’s ironic. there are three movies that stand out for me as a child. one was the wizard of oz, the second was willy wonka and the chocolate factory and lastly gone with the wind.

    • The Celtic Queen

      Lynn these are my daughter’s favorites too but she also used to always watch The Sound Of Music. When she was little she used to sing the songs all the way to school. Now she gets a good laugh about it.

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