It Was Just Bad Luck

So then what's that?

So how much is a kidney worth? Seems $5,000 because that is how much Dr Bernard Zaragoza was fined for accidentally removing a patient’s kidney instead of his gallbladder. OK people, sure the patient’s anatomy was all friggin messed up and his kidney was where his gallbladder should have been  but don’t they look different? Anywho, the Florida Board of Medicine panel decided the situation was pretty much “bad luck” rather than intentional and gave him a slap on the wallet wrist, so to speak.

The patient died three weeks later from heart failure.

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One response to “It Was Just Bad Luck

  1. Marilyn Ginsburg

    That is the problem with medicine these days. No one does his homework. Did the doctor even look at his cat scans, x-rays or whatever else show his the patient internal organs. Surgeions are the last bastion in the heath process and should look at all the tests that are taken by the specialists that proceed them’

    But do they??????? Somehow I doubt it.

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