Our Man In “Tight Slacks” Is Officially A Bottom Dwelling Blogger


Welcome aboard the Bottom Dwelling Bloggers Express Tight Slacked Community . Now that you have joined our elite group, a pair of goggles are on their way. It gets quite murky down here. Never mind, you can now mingle in the cesspool that is ….







Tin Can





Psst For any of you “wannabe” Bottom Dwelling Bloggers, it’s real easy to join. All you have to is nick Bearman’s banner below, post it on your blog,  declaring yourself a Bottom Dweller Blogger and viola, instant notoriety. Oh, but remember to include it in the title of your post “I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger” and also make sure “bottom dwelling Blogger” and the name of your blog are in your tags. See ya at the bottom.


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15 responses to “Our Man In “Tight Slacks” Is Officially A Bottom Dwelling Blogger

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Just as well I don’t have a blog or I’d join The Rogues Gallery lol

  2. What a pretty bunch we are!

  3. You forgot to include yourself.

  4. Thanks again Loon—Is there a friggin secret handshake I need to be learning at this point? A mandatory tattoo? A ceremony in which we all sacrifice a friggin virgin? Just curious…

  5. They’re tight, but in a tasteful way.

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