Friggin Lawyers

Holy crap, a little overboard with the background footage don’t ya think?


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6 responses to “Friggin Lawyers

  1. Susi Spice


    its just uncanny…

    he looks like he could be advertising for satan… the first 3 seconds looks like burning hell and so does the last 4 seconds of the ad…

    “if the boogie man doesnt get you i will..muuaahahha” lol

  2. No survivors from that and no need for funeral expenses as already cremated…

  3. Wow—That’s effin’ hysterical…I’m pretty sure you’d be too dead to sue anybody after a crash like that—I love the flaming whip flying through the air…fantastic =)

  4. I’m permenantly traumitized by that violent abd scary stuff in the background.
    Anybody know a good lawyer?

  5. The Celtic Queen

    Definitely nothing left to worry about after that inferno.

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