Anything But The Louis Vuitton

Anything but my Vuitton!

Honey, sweetie, darl, it may be a Louis Vuitton bag, but if it means getting dragged behind a car , I think you need to let it go! A Scottish woman was walking down a street in Edinburgh when a group of men in a car called her over. As she got there one of them grabbed her purse and the car sped off. Hmm, it’s a friggin Louis, she wasn’t about to be letting go and held on with grim death as she got dragged behind the car clutching the purse. When the culprit realized she wasn’t going to give it up he let go. Hey, what’s a bit of skin off the knees, a sore arm and a trip to the hospital when it come to protecting your designer accessories.


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10 responses to “Anything But The Louis Vuitton

  1. My biggest designer accessory is the little red croc I have hanging off my car keys (NOOOO, not one wif teef …. one wot goes on feet … just a little one)

  2. Susi Spice

    louis vuitton is sooo over rated, everyone knows it, everyone has it be it real or fake (usually fake) and u can get good fakes of that brand now.

  3. now there’s a true scotswomen – rather be dragged behind a car than give up her bag containing her bawbees !!! 😆

  4. The Celtic Queen

    No Dunc I’ve been gone years and years but I think it’s small change, pennies and halfpennies, money?

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