Introducing the Smart Undies

Private Jones, you are about to have a heart attack... Private Jones

Well, well, well, haven’t the US scientists been working hard. They have just designed the “Smart Underpants” for men, that’s right girls, men only. Hmm, using  special ink, the undies can measure blood pressure, heart rate and other life threatening vitals. The ink, which contains carbon electrodes, is printed on the waistband and once it comes in contact with the skin, voila, the electronic biosensors kick into action. So, what does this all mean? Well, considering the product is being funded by the US military I’d be worried. Hmm, monitoring what is going on in your undies….really worried!!!! Scientists are hoping the undies will eventually help in monitoring not only soldiers in the field but also the elderly, athletes and people at high medical risk.

Psst Insurance companies are going to friggin love them!

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