Hiel Inappropriateness

OK, here’s the thing students from the Community College Whitstable in Kent, you don’t greet German exchange students with the Nazi Salute. Nope, that was so 1940’s!  Several parents were outraged by the students behavior and even more so that they weren’t disciplined by the school.

Psst How many times people, don’t mention the war!


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4 responses to “Hiel Inappropriateness

  1. Susi Spice

    hahaha when i was in highschool we got a german exchange student who was in Yr 11. people used to do the same thing to him and one week during the school assembly he was given the opportunity to speak and got up the front and did a whole speech on how his generation dont follow hitler, that germans dont find it funny etc etc…hehe

  2. Abraham Markowtiz

    Kids will be kids and you’re never going to stop a tiny handful of them getting out of line. Of course giving the Nazi salute to their German visitors was disgraceful but a pound to a penny they had little or no idea of the significance of their salutes. They’d probably been watching a DVD of Fawlty Towers – whatever you do, don’t mention the War!

  3. You’ve just given me an idea …. there’s heaps of German tourists here at the moment .. 😈

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