Maggie May Cow

The Maggie May cow spends all day, every day, just watching the cars coming and going along  Busssell Highway in Cowaramup.Lucky for her she has 30 coats of varnish to protect her from the elements!

Zoom, there goes another car....

Where the hell are my eyes?

Tan my hide!


Filed under Friggin CowParade

3 responses to “Maggie May Cow

  1. Prettiest cow-ass I’ve ever seen—hands down…

  2. Nice cow but she has a boring job. I finally took photos of the cow statues down the road from us. I will ost them soon.

  3. Maggie May would have to be one of the prettiest ladies in the parade… she might have had a pretty boring job looking out at the cars zooming along each day it that was all she saw… but she is getting so many visitors at all hours of the day and night that she never, ever gets bored!

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