Mummified Body Found In Chimney

Ewh, a mummified body, believed to have been wedged in a chimney for 20 odd years, was discovered in a derelict industrial building in Finland. Authorities discovered a wallet on the corpse which indicated the man was born in 1953. Further investigation revealed he had gone missing in 1991 and declared dead in the early 2000s. Police are still not sure if he was dumped in the chimney or he simply got stuck in it.


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12 responses to “Mummified Body Found In Chimney

  1. Susi Spice

    he believed he was mary poppins… just needed that one spoon of sugar

  2. I think that’s one of my worst nightmares, to get trapped inside a chimney.

  3. Sorry kids, Santa is dead!

  4. If the building had been abandoned for decades, why didn’t he just use the door?????

  5. No wonder I stopped getting presents in 1991.

  6. I just knew Santa was a homeless alcoholic who spent the rest of the year drunk and destitute. Damn.

  7. The Celtic Queen

    I often wonder what wold have been going through his mind at the time. Poor man.
    Maybe the fire was going when he was in there EEEEK!!!

  8. This is horrible news. Are people so lonely these days?

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