Jesus Statue Struck By Lightning

Oh for the love of god, the 19m Jesus Statue in Ohio has been hit by lightning and burned to the ground. Sheez Ohio, don’t tell friggin Pat Robinson! The King of Kings statue was erected in 2004 at the evangelical Solid Rock Church along Interstate 75 and was nicknamed the Touchdown Jesus because it’s arm were raised like a football referee.




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7 responses to “Jesus Statue Struck By Lightning

  1. I’m sure they’ll rebuild it.
    Too bad they didn’t get some pictures of it burning, they could have sent those to Pat Robertson. He would have put them on the air as evidence of “the growing hatred and violence” against Christians in this country. I can hear him now: “It wasn’t enough to burn a cross on their lawn, Oh No! They had to burn an ENTIRE JESUS!!”

  2. Zeus is in, like, so much trouble now.

  3. There was a guy being interviewed for my local news, who may have actually been a member of this church, referring to the blackened framework still standing as being like The Terminator. The electronic marquee below the thing, which seems to have survived unscathed, now keeps repeating “I’ll be back!” 😆

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