Cleveland Has a Bigfoot

OK Cleveland, no need to panic but you may have your very own version of Bigfoot on your hands, that or Hulk Hogan has been sighted! Tim Peeler swears he had a close encounter with a 10ft tall creature with a long beard, yellowish blond hair and six fingers on each hand roaming on his property. Peeler was minding his own bees wax when he began hearing strange screeching and grunting sounds outside his cabin and went to investigate. He told police the creature may have been menacing his dogs so he told the beast ‘You get away from here,’ and when he came back a second time he said “Get! Get!. And he went back down the path again,” Obediently little bugger! Anywho Cleveland, you might want to sleep with one eye open for awhile!!!!

Psst Rumors about the creature, known as the Ohio Grassman, have circulated for years.

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Filed under Friggin Scary, Join the skeptic club!

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