Cattle Chosen Cow

OK Loons, you might not have a chance to read what’s scribed on the Cattle Chosen ( Yulika)  cow  so I will give you my Friggin Loon version. Many moons ago, when Western Australia was pretty much a hell hole and settlers were pissed at being given land that was a nightmare to clear,  the Bussell brothers  arrived from England to try their luck. They agreed to take up land in Augusta in the hope of setting up farming land. However, it turned out to be a friggin nightmare just trying to clear the tall timbers, let alone trying to grow anything.  So when their homestead burned down and their friggin cow, Yulika,  did a runner they decided to move to a property in Busselton (yes, eventually named after them) 60 miles away.  When they arrived and began setting up home who should they discover grazing on the new property? Yes, that bloody cow Yulika AND her calf. So the Bussells decided to call their new property Cattle Chosen.

This cow was designed by artist Louise Elscot.

Cattle Chosen Cow

Lazy assed cow chosen!


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2 responses to “Cattle Chosen Cow

  1. Maybe they didn’t realise that Yulika moved to get away from them because they were lousy farmers.

  2. Louise Elscot

    That about sums it up!

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