Woman Dead on Floor For 14 Months

Oh for goodness sakes lady, when your mom falls over and you can’t lift her up, you don’t just leave her there because your house was so filthy you feared authorities would kick you out of your house. Gail Andrews left the body of her mother Gladys Andrews on the floor for 14 months, hidden by garbage and furniture, after she eventually died from her injuries. Despite Ms Andrews not being charged, the house has been condemned and will probably be demolished.  Hmm, so in some ways she was right then!


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16 responses to “Woman Dead on Floor For 14 Months

  1. crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap . . . . crap

    [just keeping a promise to loon to make sure there was no shortage of crap posted on her blog while she empties the mini-bar in her hotel in Sydney – you’ll need a bit more than the contents of a minibar to fortify you for a trip to the Southern Highlands, girl !!!] 😉

  2. P.S. is the house to be demolished before or after the body of her mum is removed?

    • The Celtic Queen

      Hopefully before then she can be taken straight to the tip and the tipping fee is a lot less than a burial.

  3. Shouldn’t Ms Andrews be given a new gift of a little white coat that lets her hug herself? Just asking?

  4. Why’d she just leave mum laying around like that, anyone with half a brain knows where to chuck em…

  5. Gruff Guano

    ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’s mom’


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